Agri.Builders is a start-up based in Lyon since 2017.

Building today's agriculture for men and our land
We are three engineering students at École Centrale de Lyon school. We have been working since 2017 to develop simple yet efficient innovations to offer alternatives for today's agricultural treatments putting a threat to both the environment and everyone's health. We have been using drones to serve this purpose since we started our first project Pherodrone.
Though Pherodrone was originally launched as a student project at Centrale Lyon engineering school, we took our independance in 2019. Our goal is now to set up a company called Agri.Builders as soon as we can, and to develop other innovative solutions following the same ideas we had when coming up with Pherodrone and creating our team.

Our team

Antoine Boudon Agri.Builders

Antoine Boudon

Communication, design and fundraising,
professional drone pilot
Antoine Duchemin Agri.Builders

Antoine Duchemin

Prototyping et 3D CAD,
structural design
Alexis Trubert Agri.Builders

Alexis Trubert

Electronics and programming,
knowledge management
We are conversant with Design Thinking and Effectuation, which we apply extensively to achieve fast and efficient progress in our technical development. As soon as we come up with any new idea, we evaluate its viability by creating simple prototypes that we can show and discuss with our future customers, whose remarks and experience are significantly helpful to achieve our goals. You too can send us your ideas, make sure to contact us here!
For more information about our current products and services, check the Pherodrone page.

Major awards

Coup2Boost Agri.Builders 2019 Concours Coup2Boost
STEF's Coup de cœur first prize
Make IT Agri Agri.Builders 2019 Concours Make IT Agri
First prize
Start-up Challenge Agri.Builders Start-up Challenge of the 2019 Alumni Days
Third prize
Concours Francis Lebœuf Agri.Builders 2018 Francis Lebœuf student project competition
First prize

Attendance at events

Salon International de l'Agriculture Agri.Builders Salon Tech & Bio Agri.Builders Salon des Entrepreneurs Lyon Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Agri.Builders Salon Entreprise du Futur Agri.Builders