Pherodrone by Agri.Builders

Pherodrone, the innovative drone solution for organic protection of fruit culture.

The pheromone mating disruption method allows to protect crops from a specific parasitic species, while preserving the biodiversity and people's health. To facilitate its implementation, we created a way to lay pheromones straight on the top of trees from a drone.
Pherodrone is mostly designed to be used on grove culture, e.g walnut, chestnut, apple or pear trees. We offer deliveries that consist of laying Ginko® Ring pheromone dispensers from a drone. Our technology enables to transport and drop more than sixty rings - one per tree - within one flight.
Agri.Builders Pherodrone add-on
Instead of building a drone from scratch, we have developed an add-on that can be mounted on various standard drone models and carries pheromone dispensers and drops them one after another. For more details and technical precisions, feel free to contact us.


2020 model

Empty mass: 800 grams (1.76 lbs)

Payload capacity: 60 Ginko® rings

Loaded mass: 1400 grams (3.08 lbs)

Recommended drone model : DJI Matrice 200

Two cameras for live video feedback
15 to 25 minutes autonomy with the add-on mounted (depending on battery model)

Estimated performance : 150 trees per hour, ie 1 to 2 hectares per hour

Current development

We are testing Pherodrone on 2- to 5-hectare plots in Ardèche and Isère. This takes part in a larger research project that aims at improving pest control against the codling moth. We thus collaborate with local research stations to assess the efficiency of new pheromone dispensers on walnut and chestnut trees. Professional deliveries are expected to start as soon as 2021 in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region for a price not released yet.
Along with INRA et Sumi Agro France, we also believe that mating disruption can be expanded to tackle pest caterpillar invasions in pine tree forests. Yearly testing campaigns are conducted with our Pherodrone technology and newly developed pheromones.
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